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Call for papers

Please download the CFP flyer here (Click)

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Advances in   Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Transport Systems

Advances in mobile robotics

Learning and Perception

Agricultural applications

Locomotion, manipulation and gripping

Agriculture Robots

Material handling

Applications of mobile robots

Maximizing RAS Management

Automatic cleaning of areas

Mechanism and Robot Design

Autonomous robots

Medical and rehabilitation robotics

Benchmarking and standardization


Biologically-inspired systems and   solutions


Biomedical robotic assistance

Mobile robotics

Biomimetic robotics


Challenges in robotics

Mobility, autonomy, and perception

Civil transportation

Modeling and simulation of CLAWAR

Client support

Motion Planning

Climbing, guidance and navigation

Multi-Agent Systems

Construction and demolishing

Navigation and Localization

Cyber Protection for RAS Systems

Networked robots

Distributed Robot Coordination

Perception, sensing and sensor fusion

Domestic Personal Robots

Personal assistance


Planetary exploration and localization

Flexible manoeuvring systems

Planning and control

Flexible mechanisms for mobile machines

Professional Service Robots


Rescue Robots

Funding and Procurement of RAS   Technology.

Robot Simulations

Haptics and Teleoperation


Hazard environments

Service and Life Support Robots

Human-Robot Interface

Service robots

Human–machine interface, tele-presence   and virtual reality

Space Robotics


Strengthening Human-Autonomous System Interaction

IAS for Manufacturing

Support to medical services

Improving RAS Autonomous Capabilities

SWARM Intelligent Robots

Increasing Situational Awareness

Underwater and Aerial Robots

Innovative design of CLAWAR

Visual Servoing and Robot vision

Inspection and non-destructive testing

Workshop on humanoid robotics

Intelligent Security and Surveillance   Systems